Rajamouli Reveals Why He Didn't Cast Mahesh In RRR

Rajamouli Reveals Why He Didn't Cast Mahesh In RRR

Rajamouli met with Tollywood media this morning and revealed several interesting details about how ongoing period multistarrer 'RRR'. One of the key tidbits he revealed was that of Ram Charan's Alluri Seetharamaraju's role in the film.

Naturally, some of the media personnel wondered why Rajamouli didn't cast Mahesh Babu in RRR. The Superstar's father Krishna had already acted in Alluri Seetharamaraju 3 decades ago, and expecting Mahesh to reprise his father's role in Rajamouli's direction is only but natural. A scribe even asked Rajamouli about not casting Mahesh instead of Ram Charan.

And the star director gave a jovial reply. "During one of Mahesh's film's events, I asked his fans if they wanted to see Mahesh as Alluri Seetharamaraju or James Bond in my direction. They didn't give an exciting response when I mentioned Alluri's role, but were jubilant about James Bond. That's why I didn't cast Mahesh in RRR. Well, did Mahesh lose RRR because of his fans?

In other news, Mahesh and Rajamouli were supposed to join hands for a film to be produced by senior filmmaker KL Narayana. Everyone excepted them to team up immediately after Baahubali. However, both Rajamouli and Mahesh chose to work on different projects and told the media that they will surely work in future.

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