First Rank Raju Teaser: About a dumb intelligent

Meet Raju, the first-ranker who is a book-worm and great at academics. But his problem is this. He doesn't have general knowledge, common sense. He has been raised such that he doesn't need to acquire social knowledge. This makes his life difficult. At the same time, it evokes laughs.

While the plot reminds us of 100% Love to an extent, but this is dealt in a different way. The treatment makes it different. It has good dose of fun. How Raju overcomes these and how does he win his love forms the crux of the story.

Director Naresh Kumar has delivered a promising teaser and production values are alright, thanks to producer Manjunath. Shekar Chandra's camera work is fine and Kiran Ravindranath's music is good. The dialogues in teaser deserve special mention. Brahmanandam's comedy seems to have worked. Cast like Prakash Raj, Naresh, Priyadarshi makes the film to watch out for.

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