Court says Prabhas' 'Mr. Perfect' is a copy!

Court says Prabhas' 'Mr. Perfect' is a copy!

The Hyderabad Civil Court has declared that hero Prabhas 2011 movie 'Mr. Perfect' is a copy of a novel by name 'Naa Manasu Korindhi Ninne.' Writer of the novel, Shyamaladevi had filed a copyright case in the year 2017. The court has heard a series of arguments from both the side.

Finally the city civil court opined that the film was indeed a copy of the novel and it is in favour of the novel writer Shyamaladevi. Speaking on this, she said, "Every character from the movie 'Mr. Perfect' was from my novel. I tried to contact producer 'Dil' Raju to seek a clarification back then but he wasn't willing to meet me. So I approached court for justice."

The court is yet to give its final verdict but directed the police to take appropriate action as per the copyright act.

'Mr. Perfect' was directed by Dasaradh and featured Kajal, Taapsee and Prakash Raj. Reacting to the court's opinion, director Dasaradh denied that any wrong doing. He said that he registered the script of 'Mr.Perfect' with writers association in 2009, February where Shayalamadevi's novel got published in August 2010 and he has every document of it. "While Prabhas was shooting in Malaysia for 'Billa' in 2008, me and producer 'Dil' Raju met him and narrated the script. There is no truth in such claims," said Dasaradh.

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