Social Talk: Give Up Your Time Suriya

From Oke Okkadu to Nene Raju Nene Mantri, many films tracked the journey of an ordinary guy in politics and showcased how they achieved the unthinkable. And this time, Tamil hero Suriya is giving a taste of that same concept to audiences through NGK movie.

Well, now that we have already seen the trailer, let's check the talk on social media about this trailer. The major thing that is trouble this star Tamil hero who has a terrific market in Telugu hinterlands as well is that he chooses to put most of the screen time for himself in the movie.  Unlike giving importance to the concept, he actually picks ideas to make sure that he will get the major screen time. That's the reason films like Anjaan or 24 flopped, even though they have good storylines.

Going by that, even NGK trailer is pretty much the same with Suriya all over the trailer without giving scope either for the concept or for the heroines or any other villain. And then, we have a simple and well-explored theme like one-man's political stunt highlighted, thereby giving a colour that Suriya is ready with another routine film.

Well, give up some screen time for other Surya.