Wow! 200M+ Views For 'Vachinde' song

Wow! 200M+ Views For 'Vachinde' song

Sai Pallavi's Vachinde song from Fidaa movie has now garnered 200 million+ views on YouTube. The moves and grooves like Sai Pallavi's, one cannot stop themselves from opening the link. It should be no surprise as the song itself is exceptional in recent times. Ever since the movie release in 2017, Vachinde song stands out and till today it gives a good beat for weddings. It falls under peppy category and one can easily dance to this song at almost any given event.

The song now marks as the second most viewed video in South after Rowdy Baby. Nothing beats the energy of Sai Pallavi as top two most viewed songs are of hers. We are also certain that many South-Indian weddings are not complete without playing Vachinde song, making us realize what an apt song it is to have a blast dancing with cousins or a life partner.

Nevertheless, we should also thank the music director of the film, Shakti Kanth, for giving us such a power-packed song and it surely demands the playlist of party numbers.

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