Will Solo Attack Save This Struggling Hero?

Will Solo Attack Save This Struggling Hero?

Today it happens to be the release of mega hero Allu Sirish latest movie ABCD. He is one hero from Mega bunch who is still struggling to get his foot right in Film Industry and as hero Nani said at the pre-release event, Sirish needs stardom.

With the film being labelled as a 'simple entertainer' by many critics who watched it, one has to hope that the summer holidays will help Allu Sirish big time now. Also, he came solo this Friday with no other release in competition and other than Maharshi there are no big films around him. That too, Sirish got a record release this time.

Reportedly, Suresh Babu, who has taken the release of this film into hands is making sure that ABCD is getting more than 600 screens across the globe. In Telugu states alone, the film is releasing in 250+ screens, while Bengaluru, Chennai, Kerala and other northern states are also seeing ABCD release big time.

As this is a biggest release up his sleeve, Sirish should make most of it. We have to see what happens at the box office anyway.

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