Fathers Day - The doting fathers of Tollywood!

Today, on June 16th, Fathers day is being celebrated worldwide and the importance can't just be neglected as our fathers, who are also undeniably our superheroes, has always been ready to take on everyday troubles of the family. With their unique significance, they fulfil our requirements by working tirelessly. This day, we commemorate the efforts and contributions of fathers in society.

Moreover, with the objective of honouring the fatherhood and paternal bonds, we have some inspiring Tollywood dads who are making endless efforts and only prove the phrase "One dad is powerful than a hundred schoolmasters". Let take a look at some of the handsome and inspiring dads of our beloved Tollywood.

Mahesh Babu:

Mahesh Babu's joyous pictures with his kids Gautam and Sitara are evident enough that he is one of the best dads in the world. He makes sure to spend quality time amid his busy shooting and schedule. He never failed to interact and connect with his kids, enhancing their self-esteem ever now and then. As a busy actor himself, Mahesh managed to inspire us with his fatherhood rules.