Guna 369 Teaser : RX 100 Hero Is Not Hippi

Karthikeya has turned heads with RX 100 which became a sleeper hit and a rage among youth. However, his next film Hippi that released early this month turned out to be a disaster. Now, Karthikeya has pinned all his hopes on Guna 369. The film's teaser has been unveiled today.

Unlike his previous films where glamour dose of heroine was banked upon, Guna 369 rather showcases heroine in a traditional way - as a girl-next-door. This is the USP of Guna 369. Karthikeya, however, is usual. He hasn't given up his action tag and fights on goons. Yet, he is different from his previous films.

Chaithan Bharadwaj, who has scored music for RX 100, is back with Guna 369. He seems to have done pretty good job. Anagha is impressive as female lead. She is good at emotions.

Going by the teaser, it appears that the protagonist tries to save his closed ones/family. Director Arun Jandyala, protege of Boyapati Srinivas, is making his directorial debut with the film. Overall, Guna 369 teaser is alright. One has to wait and watch for the film's trailer. Tirumal Reddy and Anil Kadiyala are jointly producing the film under SG Movie Makers.