Here Is The First Competitor For Chiru's #SyeRaa

Here Is The First Competitor For Chiru's #SyeRaa

After pushing 'Sye Raa' from August 15th to October 2nd, actually, Ram Charan and his team are cooling their heals off. But they have forgotten the fact that being Dasara holiday's season many big films are actually targeting the same date, especially the ones from Bollywood.

While we may not worry with Tollywood releases as Sye Raa's market and range got bigger due to the magnitude of its story, budget and the casting. However, Hindi movies might pull a threat, as they are focusing on Telugu market big time. Yash Raj Films is getting Hrithik and Tiger starrer 'War' into Telugu and the film will simultaneously release all over India in different languages on October 2nd itself. Going by the teaser of the film, surely 'War' is going to be a strong competitor to Chiru's patriotic action drama.

As massive action dramas always do well provided with visual effects attracting the audiences, War movie's fate depends on the same. But then, the film's massive openings could shatter the dreams of Sye Raa's tiny Hindi market as some distributors are eager to release the dubbed version. Because most faces in Sye Raa, barring Amitabh Bachchan, are quite new to present generation Hindi audiences.

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