Ra Ra: Anirudh Gives Another Terrific BGM For Nani

There are millions of views for this particular Youtube clip that consists of the background music of that train scene from 'Jersey'. From playing that music in cars to listening to it repeatedly somewhere on the internet, there are those phones that play it as a ringtone.

Taking that legacy forward, now super talented composer Anirudh has given yet another stunning background music for the main theme of 'Gang Leader'. The lyric video of 'Ra Ra', which happens to be the 'Roar of Revengers' is not just stunning music lovers but the fast-paced music mixed with Prudhvi Chandra's vocals is taking the internet by a storm.

Anirudh is known for his infectious strings work and this time he has infused a bit of techno stuff into the hard rock guitar scoring, which is just thrilling the ears. He raises the bar when it comes to giving new sounds and hasn't disappointed his admirers even now.