Slowly And Carefully Bellamkonda Steadying His Boat

Slowly And Carefully Bellamkonda Steadying His Boat

In the good olden days, the likes of NTR and Chiranjeevi are not great actors when the first films came. But after doing half a dozen movies, they improved everything and changed the game. And that made them legends.

Today we may not compare those legends with others, but still, we have to say that this young hero is slowly improving and impressing. He's none other than Bellamkonda Srinivas whose last outing Sita was a disaster, but his peculiar role with mannerism got some attention. And now, it looks like with Rakshasudu he is going to crack the case.

From his presence as a hero to his prowess as an actor, everything seems to have turned right in this new film. Though its a remake, Bellamkonda Srinivas made it look like an absolute original with his powerful presence as an inspector who wants to crack the case of the serial killings and catch a ruthless criminal.

Since his debut, all of Bellamkonda's films have posted losses only. In case if this one succeeds in overthrowing the past by turning a blockbuster, surely the young hero's boat will get steadied. Moreover, he is steadying it himself.

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