Samantha Brings Popularity For #OneBucketChallenge

Samantha Brings Popularity For #OneBucketChallenge

There are various ideas to educate people about how underground water resources are running dry. After we have seen recently how Chennai got troubled with water scarcity this Summer, environmentalists pointed out that even Hyderabad might face a similar drought situation.

Taking this forward, few people have started the #OneBucketChallenge on social media, but it went viral after star heroine Samantha announced a couple of days ago that she will be literally taking up the challenge on Sunday (July 21) and asked all of her followers to take part without cheating.

And other day, Samantha actually followed the challenge and posted the picture of a bright blue bucket which she said to have used for all of her needs on Sunday. And we wonder how many followers of her actually followed the challenge and if any other celebrity would take it forward, but this is going to be a very important challenge that many should actually take up rather some silly 'bottle-cap' challenges.

On the other hand, Samantha is said to have finished reading the English and Tinglish version script of her upcoming film '96', where she's going to team up with Sharwanand.

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