#BiggBoss3: Contestants Brought Back Last Year Memories

#BiggBoss3: Contestants Brought Back Last Year Memories

All the contestants of #BiggBoss3 are finally inside the house and the mega reality show has just started with a bang. While Nagarjuna is really super impressive as a host, surely the contestants are also pretty good. And then, they have made audiences nostalgic too.

The very first contestant to enter the show, Siva Jyothy aka V6 Savitri reminded many of last year's TV9 Deepthi. Her love for husband and for her profession, are simply superb. And then Dubsmash starlet Ashu Reddy spoke about depression after a breakup, which reminded Nandini Rai. TV9 Jaffer brought back memories of Babu Gogineni, while singer Rahul Sipliganj sounded like a memory version of Geetha Madhuri. Struggling heroine Punarnavi reminds us of Tejaswi Madivada and Archana Sastry.

But the exception is Srimukhi who happens to be a star anchor already and still made it to the show, while no other happening stars did earlier. Then came hero Varun Sandesh, though in flops, still, he's that heartthrob hero!

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