#BiggBoss3: Baba Bhaskar Broke Into Tears

#BiggBoss3: Baba Bhaskar Broke Into Tears

For the first time, it looked like choreographer Baba Bhaskar is facing the heat of Bigg Boss house. As the show completed a month already, he's now getting exposed to true games, strategies and competition. And his breaking down into tears explains that.

Other day, Ali Reza directly nominated Baba Bhaskar for eviction this week. Though he picked four in the morning including Baba Bhaskar, Vithika, Himaja and Rahul for the nomination, Big Boss asked these four to impress Ali such that he will leave three and nominate one among them. But with Himaja and Rahul getting nominated already, he has to pick one from Baba and Vithika.

While Vithika is the incompetent contestant when it comes to these two, Ali picked Baba Bhaskar saying that he's not playing a serious game. Talking about the same with Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar broke into tears saying that he's being what he is, inside the house, but he unnecessarily got targeted by Ali.

Later, Sreemukhi consoled him and gave him an emotional push saying that he has to be the same happy, jovial and dont-care type of Baba Bhaskar but not this cry baby!

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