Hope Saaho Subtitles Won't Create A Panic

Hope Saaho Subtitles Won't Create A Panic

To make the films reach many non-Telugu speaking audiences, these days Telugu movie makers are hardcoding subtitles of a movie in English and releasing it around the world. That helps even the children of NRIs understand Telugu movies better.

But recently, when the film Manmadhudu 2 got released, subtitles are screened in the theatres of Hyderabad as well. When core Telugu people are watching Telugu movie in a theatre, why would they need English subtitles? Moreover, these onscreen subtitles will be disturbing the viewing experience as most people are not going to read them.  

Now that the film Saaho got certified other day with UA at 171 minutes runtime, it is revealed that the Telugu version of the film got censored with English subtitles. But the screens in Telugu states should make sure that they will be getting hard disks that don't contain the subtitles such that the viewing experience will be great.

Whether there will be the subtitle panic or not, August 30th will throw us more light.

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