Superstar's Daughter Trolled For Spicy Looks

Not just once or twice, but superstar Shahrukh Khan's daughter is making sure that she takes Bollywood and her Indian fans by a storm whenever she posts something on her Instagram page. But the ruckus is not about Suhana Khan going to NY from Ardingly College, England, where she is pursuing another course in acting.

Apparently, pictures of Suhana are quite regular and usual for teens of her age and that too for the ones studying in New York. But when looked from average movie goer's eyes, she's super hot, flaunting her curves and spicing up the scene with her ravishing looks. Other day when Suhana shared a picture where her cleavage show is bit dominating, surely these Insta audiences failed to withstand it.

The moment Suhana comes up on Insta with these pictures, troll police are getting busy giving her lectures about 'how to behave Indian' or 'how to act like the daughter of a superstar'. some went on to comment about her community as well and asked her to stay in limits. surely these trolls are crossing all the limits, but Suhana takes them quite lightly for sure.