'Reddy Nama Samvatsavaram' - Seriously?

'Reddy Nama Samvatsavaram' - Seriously?

Interesting posts are being shared on social media right now and one of them goes with the heading 'Reddy Nama Samvatsavaram' which has people from that community endorsing it and sharing it multiple times. This could be seen on Facebook and other social media websites.

The post goes like this:

2019 is "Reddy Nama Samvatsaram"
Jagan Reddy became CM
Sye Raa Reddy became a mega-blockbuster
George Reddy trailer impressed all (It is directed by Jeevan Reddy; Producers are Appi Reddy and Sanjeev Reddy)
Arjun Reddy remade in Hindi and became a big blockbuster
Sandeep Reddy became a noted director in Bollywood

Well, by looking at this post one could understand the excitement of those people sharing it, but there are bigger things that happen to India, Telugu states and Telugu people that could be discussed than this 'caste' color.

While these posts are all about hyping the greatness of one particular communitiy it actually shames on those endorsing them. Because whether it is Jagan Reddy, Sye Raa Reddy or George Reddy, they have all fought (or fighting) for people of all communities, caste and creed without any discrimination. Let's not down their names with our love for community.