Will People Accept Kangana Ranaut's Nude Acts?

After carving one particular type of image and battling for certain roles and responsibilities, people look at those celebrities quite differently. And that is what happens in the case of Kangana Ranaut too, who calls herself a superstar and champion of cases against the nepotism brigade of Bollywood.

News is everywhere that Kangana is now being considered for the remake of Amala Paul's latest movie "Aadai" which hasn't run well in theatres but critics appreciating her for playing the role that requires her to be almost nude for the whole of the second half. Though the film didn't run well in Tamil and Telugu (Aame) as well, it is a superhit on Amazon Prime it looks like.

In case if Kangana agrees to do this film, then she has to reprise similar nudity for the second half, which of course is no big deal as she happens to be the queen of glamour until she got a break with 'Queen' movie. However, will people accept her in that role is the big question as she is boasting a lot about national pride and other stuff these days ever since she came up with Manikarnika.

With films like Manikarnika and Mental Hai Kya flopping for her in recent times, definitely she needs some sensational project now and from that perspective, this nudity-thing might create hype for her.