Pressure Cooker Teaser: America Lolli

Pressure Cooker Teaser: America Lolli

These days every parent wants their son or daughter to finish their engineering and go to the United States for a hi-fi life.

Based on this concept is the feature film 'Pressure Cooker.' Starring Sai Ronak and Preethi Asrani in the lead roles, the film is being directed by Sushil and Sujoi who are US return.

The teaser starts off an immigration official asking an engineering student why he wants to go the US and his reply is that is his father's dream.

The rest of the teaser shows how the father of the protagonist prepares his son right from childhood but eventually the hero doesn't get interested in it.

Though the teaser is lighter in note, the subject is serious and director Tharun has done an excellent job in cutting the teaser.

'Pressure Cooker' is releasing this November.

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