#StopTheWalk: Allu Aravind’s Noble Gesture

Thousands of migrant workers are on the roads with no transport, no money. We have been seeing these scenes since weeks. Though the respective state governments are helping workers, still there are thousands who need help.

So the NGOs have stepped in and are doing their best for migrant workers to ‘STOP THE WALK.’ Prime Combine Foundation is doing its bit of contribution and for them Mega producer Allu Aravind made a donation.

Sharing these details hero Allu Sirish said the foundation is doing an excellent job but there a lot needs to be done. Sirish appealed to people to come forward and contribute to this NGO which is relentlessly helping the migrant workers.

Check this link to make your donation – https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/stop-the-walk-lets-provide-transport-to-migrant-workers?payment=form

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