Adhirindi Jokes On Itself with Disastrous Ratings

Adhirindi Jokes On Itself with Disastrous Ratings

Many still feel that Chiranjeevi's composure is better than the impulse of Naga Babu and Pawan Kalyan, though the latter sound heroic at times offscreen. Naga Babu once again proved the same with his unwanted bluster for his new show Adirindi against the very famous Jabardasth.

The latest ratings of the Adhirindi show, where Naga Babu is the godfather cum judge, came up with disastrous numbers and is miles away from that of Jabardasth comedy show. Naga Babu should be understanding the reality with the ratings for his showunlike the way he challenged to beat Jabardasth with his own show on Zee.

It is true that Naga Babu failed to realize his role in the success of Jabardasth. His role as judge and big support is great, but never was he any help nor he mentored the artists on the creative side. His presence in the show added no value because these kind of shows run well all by itself when there are proper skits and artists.

Jabardasth did not stop raking the best ratings even when Naga Babu failed to make it to the show for weeks when his voice troubled him. Naga Babu flocked all the mediocre and failed artists in Jabardasth to make Adhirindi which remained a bitter failure for the Mega brother.

Jabardasth has got star comedians like Hyper Aadi, Getup Srinu, Sudigali Sudhir and other small-time comedians too were getting well along with their support. Challenging a very popular show with a weak team is pure ignorance and with these ratings, Naga Babu should be landing back on the ground.