Pawan's Handwritten Messages Are Actually Hints?

Pawan's Handwritten Messages Are Actually Hints?

Sending the seasonal fruits from his farm to a few favorite people and congratulating them on their success with handwritten messages on flower bouquets is by far known as a habit of Pawan Kalyan. But the latest messages from him are appearing more like hints. Hints of what?

Pawan Kalyan has been successfully continuing his confusion to choose between politics and cinema. Though he had been into serious political discussions and criticism, the last few months were different from the news coming out on his inclination towards cinema again, be it film making or acting.

The recent flower bouquets and congratulatory handwritten messages from him to Pratiroju pandage and Ala Vaikuntapuram lo stars grabbed a significance that Pawan Kalyan is focusing on films again and his mood for cinema is visible with this, otherwise which he never cares for any film.

The picture is still blurred, but the insider news is that he is very much ready for Pink remake and also for the film by Krish. The actor will be joining the shoot from February and he reportedly asked Dil Raju to make arrangements regarding the same.

On the other side, many of Pawan Kalyan's movie fans are said to be dissatisfied with his choice for a comeback and are blaming Trivikram for convincing his for Pink remake.