Mehreen: High Time To Change?

Mehreen: High Time To Change?

Mehreen Pirzada is in news for wrong reasons. The Punjabi girl who had got good offers in Tollywood has been alleged to be " highly unprofessional" by a section of producers who have worked with her.  The actress is allegedly charging a bomb to her producers with her personal expenses such as food and laundry bill. While the producers of her recent film Aswathama told to have borne high costs of her food, laundry bill besides her make-up costs, it is also buzzed that another producer, on condition of anonymity, expressed that he had paid a laundry bill of Rs 29,000 towards her laundry cost for a single day.

While it is common for actresses to levy such side expenses on producers, but not coming to movie promotions inspite of all such expenses borne by producers is what hurt a producer most. Also it is alleged that the actress has fled away from the star hotel from the back door without informing the producers or the hotel staff leading to the unwanted controversy. Though the producers have later cleared her dues to hotel, the leak to media on the issue has thrown light into the whole episode.

As a professional actor, it is duty of an actor or actress to promote one's own film as it would also eventually benefit the said actor/actress. Tollywood witnessed several actors/actresses who have gone extra mile in taking part of the film's shootings, promotions in order to not cause losses to the producers.

As allegations are coming in from various corners on Mehreen from a few producers who worked with her in the past, it is high time for the F2 actress to mend her ways in order to stay long in Telugu film industry which is known to be very friendly with actors/actresses from other states.

Meanwhile, Mehreen is unavailable to comment on the spree of allegations against her personal expenses and costs.