Cinema Bandi Trailer: Everyone Is A Filmmaker At Heart

Telugu origin Bollywood directors duo Raj & DK are coming up with a straight Telugu film after a long time. But this is for the OTT and it is titled ‘Cinema Bandi.’

An auto driver finds a bag in his three-wheeler and when he opens it, he finds a camera. It’s a high end tech camera that is used for making short films and to capture some exotic moments. But the auto driver has no knowledge how to handle it and approaches his friend.

The auto driver’s friend just knows the basics to handle the camera yet both the friends decide to make a short film with the camera. They approach a barber to play the hero while they struggle to find a female for the heroine role. This scene is hilarious.

But what about the people who forgot the camera in the auto? They do come in search of it and how the film ends, forms ‘Cinema Bandi.’ The tagline is ‘Everyone is a filmmaker at heart’ and it sums up what the film is going to be like.

The trailer is superb with quirky moments while all the lead actors appear newcomers and they fit in the roles aptly.

Praveen Kandregula has directed ‘Cinema Bandi’ while Raj & DK have bankrolled it. Netflix will be streaming the movie from May 14th.

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