Covaxin Trials On Children May Start Next Month

For the last few days, it is being reported that the next wave of the coronavirus may affect children a lot. This is concerning a lot of people in the country, primarily because children are not allowed to get vaccinated by right now. Only people above 18 years are allowed to get vaccinated.

However, steps are being taken to provide vaccination for children in the coming days. Covaxin’s manufacturer Bharat Biotech is aiming to hold trials on children from this June. According to a senior official of the company, Bharat Biotech has already sought permission from the government to carry out trials of vaccination for children aging 2-18 years.

Bharat Biotech’s Business Development & International Advocacy Head, Dr. Raches Ella, hoped that they will get the license for children’s vaccination in the third quarter of this year. He also added that they are aiming to ramp up the manufacturing capacity of Covaxin to 700 million doses by the end of this year.

Speaking in the virtual conversation with members of FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) Hyderabad, Ella said, “We are happy to have the full support of the government because of which we are able to stand where we are today in this journey. The vaccine is co-developed by us and ICMR. The Government placed an advanced purchase order of Rs 1,500 crore. This will help us to increase our risk appetite. That is why we are expanding to Bangalore and Gujarat.”

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