In The Name of God Teaser: Racy Crime Thriller

Off late comedian Priyadarshi has been impressing us with his unique choices of script for the digital platforms. Now the ace comedian is arriving with ‘ING’ aka ‘In The Name of God’ and the trailer is unveiled.

Darshi is portrayed as a lustful man and probably for the first time he is doing A-rated role. The trailer begins with romance of Darshi and Nandini Rai on the backdrop of actor Jagapathi Babu’s voice who narrates the tale, how a squirrel is nabbed and killed.

The teaser immediately shifts to a racy mode. Darshi running, getting kicked and bashing occupy the visuals. Crime scenes flash every now and then and make the trailer a thrilling one.

Directed by Vidya Saagar, ‘In The Name of God’ is produced by ‘Basha’ director Suresh Krissna.

The web-series will be streaming on Aha from June.