Prasanth Varma’s Superhero Turns HANU-MAN

Director Prasanth Varma is continuing to surprise with his innovative ideas. His last movie Zombie Reddy was the first film on zombie and corona themes. Now, Prasanth Varma who celebrates his birthday today has announced to make the first original superhero film in Telugu as his fourth directorial.

The dawn of a new cinematic university, the Telugu superhero turns HANU-MAN. Inspired by Indian mythology, HANU-MAN is an apt title for a Telugu film on superhero concept and the title design is also arresting.

The title theme poster, however, takes us to a holy trip to Himalayas. Two eyes are not enough to watch the beauty of Himalayas and the music is equally captivating.

Apparently, the film is going to provide a whole new cinematic experience to the movie buffs, particularly for the superhero lovers!

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