When Baahubali Writer Opened Up On Life & Stars

Koduri Viswa Vijayendra Prasad, popularly known as Vijayendra Prasad, is a popular writer in the Indian film industry. Vijayendra Prasad is director Rajamouli’s father, and the duo’s works always meet with success at the box office. Vijayendra Prasad is currently in the best phase of his career. The sensational writer is occupied with projects in multiple languages. After the success of the Baahubali franchise, Vijayendra Prasad also emerged as one of the highest-paid writers in the industry. Vijayendra Prasad took part in the Telugu talk show Ali tho Saradaga on Sunday. In the interaction with actor Ali, Vijayendra Prasad opened up about his career, films, family, and life in general.

Raghavender Rao behind Vijayendra Prasad & Rajamouli careers

Vijayendra Prasad revealed that his entry into films happened through K Raghavender Rao. Vijayendra Prasad took part in story discussions along with his brother Siva Shakthi Datta (MM Keeravani’s father), and Raghavender Rao found the spark in him. Later, he let Vijayendra Prasad write Janaku Ramudu (1988) along with others. After that, Vijayendra Prasad started trails independently and went on to become a successful writer. Incidentally, it is K Raghavender Rao who encouraged Rajamouli to become a director. Vijayendra Prasad revealed the same. Raghavender Rao found Rajamouli talented and offered TDP advertisements back then. Later, the Shanthi Nivasam serial happened, and eventually, he jumped into feature films with Student No.1.

Jealousy on Puri Jagannath

Vijayendra Prasad opened up about his equation with director Puri Jagannath. The Baahubali writer opened up that he expresses great admiration for the star director. Vijayendra Prasad put Puri Jagannath’s picture as his phone wallpaper. On the one hand, he says that he is jealous of the director and, on the other hand, reveals a great liking for the director. The senior writer also gave a reason for the jealousy. “To create a rift between the hero and villain, Puri Jagannath creates just one scene, which is effective. For Rajamouli and me, we can never be able to decode that. Rajamouli needs at least 2-3 scenes before he can bring in a fight sequence. Puri makes it very easy. That’s why I am jealous of him,” shared the writer, adding, “I think I have conveyed the same with Puri Jagan too!”

Fight between NTR & Ram Charan

Vijayendra Prasad commented that people would get emotional watching both the heroes fight in RRR. According to Vijayendra Prasad, people enjoy watching fights in movies and take the hero’s stand because it is a fight of good over evil. But when it comes to RRR, both NTR and Ram Charan fight for good. “When there is a fight of good vs. good, we can’t enjoy that. We get emotional. I watched the film, and it came out really, very well,” shared Vijayendra Prasad.

Marriage & wife’s demise

Vijayendra Prasad’s wife is Raja Nandini. She died in 2012. Vijayendra Prasad shared that it was a love marriage. When asked about the reason behind his wife’s demise, Vijayendra Prasad revealed that she was in a coma state for almost 6 months. “She got a stroke first, which lead to a coma state. The doctors told us that she might get paralyzed if she comes out of a coma. I prayed to God either to bring her back to a healthy state or take her away. Living with paralysis is like hell, and I did not want that for her,” shared Vijayendra Prasad in an emotional tone. Vijayendra Prasad said that he misses her presence and often feels that she should have been there to witness his success and Rajamouli’s success.

100/100 for Kangana Ranaut

Vijayendra Prasad worked with actress Kangana Ranaut on the film Manikarnika and the upcoming release Thalaivi. Talking about Kangana’s performance, Vijayendra Prasad revealed that he would give 100 on 100 for the actress in her.

Indian film in Hollywood standards

Vijayendra Prasad also announced that he penned a story for Rajamouli, which will be made for an International platform by following the International standards. He said that the work is in progress and the announcement will be made soon.

Puri Jagan’s help in writing story for Mahesh Babu

Before concluding the interaction, Ali asked Vijayendra Prasad about the type of roles or stories he wants to pitch to particular stars. When asked about what kind of story he writes for Mahesh, Vijayendra Prasad shared that he will seek Puri Jagan’s help in writing a story for Mahesh Babu. Vijayendra Prasad is already working on a story for Mahesh Babu, which will be Rajamouli’s next. But, he did not give any update on the film.

Vijayendra Prasad shared that he would like to see Rajinikanth essaying Ravana’s character. He wanted Amitabh Bachchan to play a miser.

No need to write a story for Pawan Kalyan

When asked about what kind of story that he will write for Pawan Kalyan, Vijayendra Prasad commented that Pawan’s film does not need a story. “People come to his movies only to see him. If we add a few songs and some fight sequences, it is enough. In the end, if we add that he is doing good for people, that will do. We can take bits and pieces from all his films and can pull out a film easily,” said the writer-cum-director.

Vijayendra Prasad’s upcoming films include RRR and Thalaivi. He is working on a mythological film based on Sita’s character from the epic Ramayana. A film with Mahesh Babu is in the pipeline too!

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