Pic Talk: Ek Mini Girl Stuns In Swimming Pool

Ek Mini Katha movie not just introduced a Santosh Sobhan 2.0, but also a beautiful girl Kavya Thapar. The movie’s bold concept is handled well by the director, that neither the protagonist nor the lead actress was not needed to do anything obscene or odd. Kavya Thapar enthralled the Telugu audience with her beautiful looks and now it is time for her hotter side.

Kavya Thapar posted three pictures on her Instagram timeline, wherein she slipped into the pool. Kavya Thapar looked absolutely sultry in her brown swimwear while her wet hair and gleaming eyes are adding much more heat to it.

She quoted the pictures with, ‘Today is one of those days when I reaaalllyy want to jump into a pool’ also she mentioned herself as a pool baby in hashtags. These are some throwback pictures of the beauty, but still, they are hot enough for any day.