Video: Urvashi Rautela Shares Her Beast-Mode Training

Celebrities make fitness their high priority and often work full-time with their personal trainers. And of course, it is essential to their career prospects that they always look amazing. Actress Urvashi Rautela, who leaves us spellbind every single time with her envious body shape, posted a new video, where she is seen training like a beast.

Urvashi is now getting readied for her two upcoming untitled flicks and she is seen clad in a black athleisure, following the new pain-inducing fitness trend. Urvashi gets punched in the abs, taking hits straight into the abdomen by her trainer.

“NO PAIN NO GAIN. He clocks me right in the gut. Getting walloped is part of my action film… absorbing his blows” she captioned the video. Being socked in the gut is considered as one of the training tactics to get a six-pack. Urvashi certainly seems to be in pain. But she is explicitly all motivated to reach her goals. The actress also, just like any other star, shows zeal in achieving the physique required for the role. Kudos to her sedulous efforts!