Sushmita Sen’s Workout With Boy Friend

The 44-year-old Sushmita Sen is still fitter and gorgeous, challenging many young actresses with her age-defying looks. The actress, who has been dating her beau, Rohman Shawal for more than two years now, never shies away from PDAs and they are one of the most good-looking couples in B-town. The couple have posted many videos and pictures earlier, but the latest video, where they are seen doing workouts together is very mindful and the caption is pertinently innovative as well.

Though we have seen a couple of workouts videos of Sushmita and Rohman, this video also depicts the balancing in a relationship. Both of them have shared an identical video on their respective Instagram profiles where it shows Rohman balancing Sushmita on his thighs as she practices a few stretching routines.

Sushmita Sen captioned the video: “I love you my tough guy Rohman Shawl. A stable relationship needs a balanced centre, flexible mind, mutual strength and deep trust. How symbolic is this posture! I love you guys.” Meanwhile, Rohman Shawl posted the same video on his Instagram profile and he wrote: “My strength.”

Balance can be a tricky thing and Sush-Rohamn’s relationship has a unique dynamic that we all admire. Just like in the video, the couple also balances their relationship at ease and comfort. The video is now going viral on the internet and receiving huge applause for their perfect balanced workout.