RGV With Ariyana: Women, Sex & Everything In Between!

Sensational filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is no more a star director. People lost interest in his films long back, and they don’t consider him serious anymore. These days, the filmmaker is trying to catch the attention by sharing the hot pictures of the heroines he is working with. Ariyana Glory is one of the chit-chat show hosts on Youtube who shot to fame after interviewing with RGV. They collaborated again for another interview which they called “BOLD.”

In the interview, RGV and Ariyana are seen working out together while talking about women, sex, and everything in between. The interview took place at RGV’s office.

As soon as Ariyana turns up at his gym, RGV gave a compliment that he liked her fucking dress.

Ariyana asked RGV why he watched Bigg Boss show when she took part in the last season. “The first time I watched the show is when Sunny Leone took part in it. I like you and your beauty which is why I saw the show and tweeted about you,” revealed RGV.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted in support of Ariyana, which helped her gain special attention in the media. “After coming out of the house, many asked me if I am having an affair with you. How would you react to it, sir?” Ariyana asked RGV. The Siva director said, “People on social media always want something to live on. I don’t care about such things. Let’s focus on our work, and they will focus on their work.”

Ariyana expressed her gratitude to Ram Gopal Varma for supporting her in the Bigg Boss house. RGV told her that there is no point in thanking him as he did what he felt like doing. Ariyana also mentioned to RGV that she did his interview in the lockdown last year, and she did the current interview in lockdown again. “I think it is destiny,” shared Ariyana, but RGV dismissed it, saying he does not believe in Destiny.

Ariyana questioned Ram Gopal Varma if he is working out only to impress the girls. Ramu said that there is no truth in it. “I can only do the talking to impress the girls. I am working out only to keep myself fit,” said RGV.

Later, the duo spiced up the interview by talking about bold things.

When asked if he likes lesbian sex, RGV told Ariyana, “Yes. I like watching lesbian sex. I like watching beautiful women. When there are two women having sex, I enjoy watching it,” said the director. However, Ariyana tells the filmmaker that she does not like lesbian sex. Then, RGV said, “I don’t like two guys having sex.”

RGV is seen frequently tweeting about Apsara Rani, with whom he worked in the past. On Mothers’ day, RGV complimented Apsara’s mother for giving birth to a beautiful woman. Reminding him the same, Ariyana asked RGV if he is in a relationship with her. RGV was surprised by the question and gave his own definition of the relationship. He said that he is not in a relationship with her but added that he loves all beautiful women.

When Ariyana asked RGV about how many days he continues an affair, the senior director said, “I love women only when having sex with them.” When she asked when was the last time that he had sex with someone, he said, “I don’t know if you believe me, but I had sex just an hour ago,” and she wears a surprise on her face.

RGV openly commented that he was currently having sex with Ariyana, to which she got offended. RGV then explained, “While working out with you, some feelings evoked inside me, and I am having sex with you,” adding, “I tried to put it poetically, and there is no point to get offended.”

When asked to pick one among Movies, Twitter, Vodka, and Girls, RGV picked Girls.

RGV then asked Ariyana two questions, and they are the following:

RGV: What is the best part of your body that your boyfriend likes?
Ariyana: (with a shock), I don’t know, sir. I don’t have a boyfriend, and people on social media will make a big thing out of it if I tell an answer.

RGV: What do you think is the best part of your body that I like?
Ariyana: In our first interview, you told me that you like my thighs, and I think you like thighs in me.
RGV: My preferences change from time to time. Right now, I like your ass.

The interview is attempted to bring out some bold ideologies that RGV has on certain topics. However, people are no more interested in listening to what RGV wants to say, so he tried to frame the interview differently.

Whatever it may be, Ariyana expressed her gratitude to RGV for tweeting about her and called RGV a “True Gentleman.”

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