Gifting 3 Crore Luxury Car To Son: Sonu Sood Reponds

Rumours were rife that actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood had gifted a swanky luxury car worth Rs 3 Crore to his elder son Ishant Sood on the eve of Father’s Day. A video surfaced online seeing Sonu Sood and family boarding a brand new car.

After viral reports of Sonu gifting a posh car to his Ishant who turned 18 recently, none other than Sonu Sood himself has come forward to quash them as baseless rumours. He made it clear that there was no truth in the rumours.

“There is no truth to this. I haven’t bought a car for my son. The car was brought to our home for a trial. We went on a test run. But that’s it. We didn’t buy the car,” Sonu Sood clarified.

Sonu Sood was surprised with the viral rumours and most importantly, the Father’s Day angle. Sonu asked, “Why would I buy an expensive gift for my son on Father’s Day? Shouldn’t he be gifting me for Father’s Day? Jokes apart, the best gift my two sons can gift me on Father’s Day is to spend their time with me. Due to my hectic shooting schedule, I hardly find time for them. They have grown up and they’re getting busy. I’m glad that the day they spent with me is a luxury that I’ve earned.”

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