My Sister Had 53 Surgeries; Yoga Helped Her: Kangana

Controversies’ most favourite Kangana Ranaut, who always calls spade a spade, has shared an inspiring story on International Yoga Day. Stating that Yoga is the answer to every question, Kangana said her sister Rangoli had undergone 53 surgeries and half of her face was burnt after acid attack and it was Yoga that helped her. 
Kangana shared that Rangoli was acutely scarred mentally due to the acid attack. She said Yoga even cured her sister’s lost vision in one eye. That’s not all. Kangana even shared anecdotes of how Yoga helped her family members including her mother, brother Aksht and sister-in-law Ritu.

“Rangoli has the most inspiring Yoga story, a road side Romeo threw acid on Rangoli when she was hardly 21, with third degree burns, half of her face burnt, one eye lost its vision, one ear melted away and a breast severely damaged, she had to go through 53 surgeries in 2-3 years but that wasn’t all, my biggest concern was her mental health as she had stopped to speak, Kanagna shared the ordeal through a post on her Instagram wall.

“No matter what happened she would not say a word just stare blankly at everything, she was engaged to an Air Force officer and when he saw her face after the acid attack he left and never returned, even then she did not shed a tear neither she uttered a word, doctors told me she is in a state of shock, they gave her therapies and put her on medication for psychiatric help but nothing helped,” Kangana recalled.

“I desperately wanted her to talk to me, so I took her everywhere with me, even to my Yoga classes. She started practising Yoga and I saw dramatic transformation in her. Not only she started to respond to her pain and my lame jokes but also regained her lost vision in one eye,” she said.

Talking about how Yoga helped her mother, Kangana said, “A few years ago Mother was diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid and high level of cholesterol(600) doctor said we need to do an open heart surgery for her cause there might be blockage, I told mother with tears in my eyes give me 2 months of your life please I can’t let them open your heart, she trusted me and eventually I succeeded in my persistent pursuit today she has no meditation, no illness she is healthiest and fittest in the family,” Kangana had written about her mother.

On a parting note, Kangana added, “Yoga is the answer to every question (misery) you will ever have, did you give it a chance yet?”

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