Anaganaga O Dheerudu

| | 2011-01-14

Siddharth, Shruti Hassan, Manchu Lakshmi, Vallabhaneni Ram, Baby Harshitha, Ravi Babu, Tanikella, Ali, Brahmi, Subbaraya Sharma etc

Director - K Prakash Rao
Producer - Devineni Prasad, KRR
Banner - Walt Disney & A Bellyful Of Dreams Entertainment
Music - Keeravani,Koti,Mickey J Meyer


A fantasy tale gone bad, the story begins with Irendri (Lakshmi Manchu) a serpent queen who believes in spreading evil and getting immortal. That is possible only if she can sacrifice the little girl Moksha (Baby Harshitha) who has few divine powers. However, Moksha is guarded by her blind bodyguard Yodha (Siddharth) a valiant warrior. On the other hand, Yodha has a lover Priya (Shruti Hassan) but she is in the capture of Irendri for a vital reason. What is that reason? Will Irendri get Moksha? How can a blind warrior fight an evil and powerful witch? All this forms the rest of the story.

Artist Performances:

Siddharth looks handsome but he is not the apt one for the role of a warrior. However, he tries his best to fit into the character. Shruti Hassan looks seductive and thanks to her genes, her beauty is captivating but then her role was not etched that strongly so she scored in looks but not much in performance. Lakshmi Manchu got the best deal as she had a powerful role and an even powerful presentation, she has done justice to that. Baby Harshitha was alright, Ram Vallabhaneni was not required, Ravi Babu was amateur, Ali was funny, Brahmi was bad, Subbaraya Sharma was effective, Tanikella came and went, the others did their bit as required but nothing valuable.

Plus Points:

    * Visual Effects And Grandeur
    * Lakshmi Manchu's Characterization
    * Songs And Their Picturization
    * Climax Fight

Minus Points:

    * Weak Storyline
    * Spineless Narration
    * Stale Dialogues
    * Cinematography
    * Poor Etching Of Characters
    * Terrible Screenplay


The film has created a strong hype given the banners associated and the star power in it. However, nothing was made use of in the right and successful manner. The major cause for all this is the director who has shown his inexperience and lack of knowledge in film making concepts. Despite a mind blowing technical infrastructure, he was unable to get that feel or the right pulse of the audience. Directorial flaws and lack of attention towards many aspects was seen. The first half was meager while the second half is somewhat better. At the box office, this has a very tough chance of survival.

Verdict: Can be watched for visuals only!