Balagam Movie Review


2Hrs 11 Min   |   Drama   |   3 Mar, 2023

Cast - Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram

Director - Venu

Producer - Harshith Reddy, Hanshitha Reddy

Banner - Dil Raju Productions

Music - Bheems Ceciroleo

Priyadarshi might have proved as a good comedian and co-actor. He is also juggling the lead roles in films and web series.His Mallesham (2019) and Loser series have garnered critical acclaim. After a hiatus, he returned to the lead role with a small-budgeted film Balagam. The film helmed by Venu Yeldandi is bankrolled by Dil Raju Productions. For these reasons, the film garnered some attention. Let’s check out what the film offers.

Set in a rural milieu, old man Komarayya (Sudhakar Reddy), happy-go-lucky man, is ecstatic about the wedding of his grandson Saayilu (Priyadarshi). Saayilu’s failed businesses push him into debts and he pins high hopes on dowry. Komarayya dies suddenly, thus affecting Saayilu’s plans. But this brings out the underlying family differences between Komarayya’s children. What forms the rest is how the disputes are resolved and how Komaraiah gets a peaceful bid adieu. Who is Sandhya (Kavya Kalyanram) and how she aids Saayilu.


Priyadarshi knows best what works for him. He chooses an underdog role of Saayilu and he sticks to the character. We see Saayilu and his struggles on screen, but not Priyadarshi. Kavya Kalyanram got a decent role and she pulled it off. Sudhakar Reddy as Komarayya is perfect. The whole story revolves around his character. Jayaram as Komarayya’s elder son Ailayya has an attitude and he portrayed it aptly. Muralidhar Goud of DJ Tillu fame shines as Narayana, brother-in-law of Ailayya and heroine’s father. He has an important role and he does justice. Roopa as Komarayya’s daughter Lakshmi fills her spot. Comedian Racha Ravi brings some relief with laughter in this rather serious and emotional family drama. The film’s supporting cast performed ably.

At outset, Balagam has a very thin point. However, this thin line is weaved into a family drama with emotions and occasional humour. Scenes with depth have worked. Good writing and decent making worked for the film. Debutante director Venu did a decent job. Bheems’ music is perfect for the film. The visuals of rural Telangana were well captured, kudos to cinematographer Acharya Venu.

Family Emotion
Telangana Art & Culture

Thin Storyline
Slow First Half
Weak Love Track


Balagam is not a unique or untold story. It is a regular sight in households in villages. The family emotions are not unheard of. Many films in the past have explored similar the concept of family drama, sentiment and death of the family patriarch. The manner in which it is told and narrated in Balagam makes all the difference. The strength of the film lies in showcasing the art and culture of Telangana. The rural atmosphere in the film is an exact replica of the real-life. In addition to this, the writing is neat and to-the-point with no-nonsense. The makers have opted for a simple and honest film without any deviations from the main story. While debutante director Venu took a chunk of the time in establishing the characters of the film and their every-day life, the film goes in a slow pace and familiar path in the first-half.

However, post-interval, the film’s narration gains momentum. The scenes are decently written with strong emotion. This is what worked for the film in parts. The second-half has many moments that touch one’s hearts. Particularly, there is a scene in pre-climax where Priyadarshi breaks down remembering his loving grandfather and realises how he was ignorant of him so far and how he was selfishly using his grandfather’s death. All these are subtle and yet so impactful. The depth in the scenes are really appreciable. Technically, the film is decent. Drone shots of the village are shot well. Folk songs like Ooru Palleturu, Potti Pilla and Balarama Narasayyo add to the authenticity of Telangana culture. This may not be a film with commercial ingredients that limits the film in theatre format.

Like any movie, this too has its share of shortcomings. There are some cinematic liberties too. The money lender of Saayilu who is portrayed as ruthless and emotionless crook goes absent in crucial portions. This track is half-baked. Even Saayilu’s failed marriage and his love track with his Maradalu Sandhya leaves us craving for more. The reason for the marriage call off could be better and more significant. These are not addressed properly.

Despite a handful of such errors, Balagam’s strong family emotion, solid performances of the cast and good scenes make it a watchable film. The film has a message of unity. There are some takeaways from the film for everyone who admire family. Rural movies like these come occasionally in Telugu whereas we see such experiment attempts in Malayalam often. Despite knowing the limitations, the producer and director have the guts to make such an attempt locally that deserves special mention. Overall, Balagam is an emotional family drama with its heart in the right place.

Verdict: Emotional Family Drama

Rating: 2.75/5