Samajavaragamana Movie Review


2 Hr 30 mins   |   Family   |   29-06-2023

Cast - Sree Vishnu, Reba Monica John, Naresh, Sudarshan, Srikanth Iyengar, Vennela Kishore and others

Director - Ram Abbaraju

Producer - Razesh Danda

Banner - AK Entertainments

Music - Gopi Sundar

Sree Vishnu previously tried his hand in the action genre. After some futile attempts, he returns to comedy which is his forte. The teaser and trailer of Samajavaragamana garnered good interest. Will the film live up to the expectations? Will Sree Vishnu break the jinx and make a solid comeback? With no further delay, let’s find out.


Balu (Sree Vishnu), a responsible middle-class son working at a multiplex, is the sole bread-winner of his loving family. He hates love and relationships. Thus, he ensures the girls interested in him tie him Rakhi. He meets Sarayu (Reba Monica John) whom he is obliged to accept as a paying guest house. Sarayu initially falls for Balu. Things change and Balu reciprocates. Sarayu’s family and the past turns out to be a major hurdle. But this is not. Things complicate further when an unexpected problem surfaces. How Balu and Sarayu win their love is Samajavaragamana all about.


Sree Vishnu performed well as Balu. He played to his strengths – humour. The mannerism and body-language of Vishnu prove that he is the perfect choice for the role. Some lengthy dialogues mouthed by him seem to be delivered hastily. The trick may not have worked well, but his lengthy dialogues on girls get claps from guys. Naresh VK is the highlight of Samjavaragamana. His examination scenes and classroom scenes bring ROFL moments. Heroine Reba Monica does her part well. She slips into modern outfits while doing jigs in the songs and she is easy on the eyes there. Srikanth Iyengar, who got stereotyped with serious and villain roles, gets a refreshing role in this film. Nellore Sudarshan is alright as the hero’s friend. Vennela Kishore in the latter-half deserves better comedy. He sticks to his usual style. All the actors have justified their roles. 


Writing and direction of Samajavaragamana scores brownie points. Despite being a debutante, Ram Abbaraju pulled it off well. Production values are adequate. Songs are shot well. But Gopi Sundar’s songs failed to entertain. The placement of songs is also put off as it obstructs the story flow. Camera work and editing work are decent. The film has an adequate run-time. Technically, there is nothing much to grumble about.

Thumbs Up

Sree Vishnu & Naresh

Hilarious Scenes

Conflict Point

Thumbs Down


Stretched Out Drama In Second-Half


Right from the word go, Samajavaragamana is entertaining.The very introduction of the characters and set-up of the film is funny. Even as audiences settle in theatres, the film turns out to be a laugh riot. Comedy is something that everyone would enjoy. But it is hard to write and tough to create on screen. Kudos to the writers for churning out good humour without any vulgarity and actors who made it. 

The first half tickles the funnybones of audiences. The scenes are fresh and the chemistry between the lead pair ably supports the film. Father-son duo scenes are hilarious in the first-half. Naresh VK gets the room in splits. The humour is imbibed organically into the story and narrative. This is where the director made his mark. The interval twist is really worth the watch. This gives a spin to the story. Revolving around a simple point on the relationship of hero-heroine, debutante director Ram Abbarajau managed to hold the interest in the film till the end. The conflict of the film is intriguing. It is unusual but holds well and credit goes to the director here.

The second-half is where Samajavaragamana’s real story unfolds and also faces some issues. It has both highs and lows. The director made sure the film has laughable moments spread evenly. In the latter half, it worked in parts. Dialogues are clapworthy.

Having said the above, Samajavaragamana still has scope to improve. Particularly, the stretched out drama in the latter-half is somewhat irking at portions. Vennela Kishore thread is cliched. It has become too routine. Probably, better writing of Kishore’s comedy would have taken the film to the next level. Barring its shortcomings, Samajavaragamana delivers. It caters to what it aims for. Go for this out-and-out entertainer and you won’t complain much. It gives a satisfying feeling of watching humour in cinemas after a longtime.

Bottom-line: A Breezy Entertainer

Rating: 3/5