Nuvva Nena

| | 2012-03-16

Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, Shriya, Brahmanandam, Ali, Kovai Sarala, Vimala Raman, Raja and others

Director - Narayana
Producer - Vamsi Krishna Sriniv
Banner - S.V.K. Banner
Music - Bheems

Allari Naresh is one of the very few heroes that are consistent at the box office. More than fifty percent of Naresh's movies do well and that is not a mean feat for a hero who does more films than anybody from the current crop. His latest movie is Nuvva Nena in which he teamed up with his buddy Sharwanand, who earlier was his partner in the film Gamyam. However this film is not message oriented film like Gamyam. In fact it is complete contrast to it in every way. Here is the review...


Avinash (Allari Naresh) is a petty thief who falls head over heels for a beautiful psychiatrist Doctor Nandini (Shriya). Anand (Sharwanand) is a patient of hers, who also fall in love with her. Avinash and Anand start to fight for Nandini and who wins her love finally is what this film is about.


Allari Naresh has done complicated and complex characters in the past and such a single dimensional role should be a cake walk for him. He simply sleep walked through the film at ease. Despite being successful and far bigger star than Sharwanand in terms of box office, Naresh accepted to play the second fiddle in this film. Naresh has to be lauded for accepting this role as he realized that it gives him scope to do some comedy.

Naresh could have demanded for an extra song and fight if he wanted, but didn't bother about Sharwanand's extra song and fight scene. Sharwanand too has put up a confident show. He is completely natural in his role. Shriya is as hot as ever and is in perfect shape to make her role believable. She is sizzling hot in the song sequences.

Bramhanandam is fine in a routine character. His dances for Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi and Kilimanjaro received huge applause. Kovai Sarala is loud. Ali is just okay. Raja who was recently seen in Mr. Nookayya has done a guest role in this movie. Rest of the star cast is okay in their respective roles.

On the Technical Front:

We can't expect great technical values from a low budget comedy film. Technically the film is fine up to its standards. Barring cinematography and editing the film is below average in the other departments. Music is pretty bad. None of the songs are worth enough to hear at least once. Bheems is the music composer and he failed big time. Mani Sharma provided the background score and it is plain ordinary. Writing is cliched. Dialogues are too weak to lift the spirits of this comedy film. Director Narayana's output raises doubts over his directorial skills. He failed to impress with his poor handling of the scenes.


Nuvva Nena is a remake of Bollywood romantic comedy Deewana Mastana, which was released fifteen years ago. So practically the director has chosen a fifteen year old story to entertain the 2012 audience. When the story is that old, at least the treatment should be contemporary and match the tastes of current audience. But the director failed to make the comedy work in spite of having superb comedy actors like Naresh, Brahmanandam and Ali on his hand.

There are few spoofs in the first half that tickles the funny bone, but the second half is a complete let down. Unimaginative direction, poor conceiving of scenes and bad dialogues made this comedy an avoidable fare. Nuvva Nena falls short of expectations due to boring comedy and horrible music. Only saving grace are the lead actors and of course Brahmanandam.

Allari Naresh is surely a bankable hero, but the director has to provide at least an average fare for him to take it to the success mark. Sadly, Narayana didn't have enough in him to deliver at least an average comedy. So Allari Naresh and co couldn't do much to save this ship from sinking. Watch it at your own risk.

In one word: Nuvva Nena fails!