| | 2012-05-11

Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan, Abhimanyu Singh, Suhasini, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, Brahmanandam, Ajay, Nagineedu and others

Director - Harish Shankar
Producer - Bandla Ganesh
Banner - Parameswara Art Productions
Music - Devi Sri prasad

Needless to say how much craze Gabbar Singh has got and how many expectations it has been carrying. Now the film is out in theaters and Pawan Kalyan took the box office by a storm. But is this the film that Pawan fans have been waiting for years? Did Harish Shankar, an ardent fan of Pawan, deliver? Ladies and Gentleman and all the fans... here comes Gabbar Singh review...

What is it about?

Venkata Ratnam Naidu idolizes iconic villain from Sholay film and names himself as Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan). He comes to Kondaveedu village as Circle Inspector and confronts with local goon Siddhappa Naidu, who is an aspiring politician too. The film is about the cat and mouse game between Gabbar and Siddhappa. Gabbar also has a love story in between with Bhagyalakshmi (Shruti Hassan) and there is a sentimental touch to this story in the form of Gabbar's family.


Pawan Kalyan is like a livewire in this movie. He has been keeping his energy levels down by playing roles that doesn't require it. But Harish Shankar made sure that there won't be any single dull moment for Pawan in this film. Pawan's dialogues and surprisingly his dances will not allow his fans to sit in the seats. His performance in action scenes and comedic episodes is a treat to watch. On the flip side, Pawan is not getting younger anymore. His age is showing on his face and thankfully for his fans the star has realized the need of the hour. He has been doing films at a very quick pace now.

Shruti Hassan doesn't look fit in the village girl role. Although her looks are very pleasing, somehow we get a feeling that she is trying too hard to make her character believable. Not a bad performance, but could do better. Abhimanyu Singh is pretty good and throws challenge to the current ruling villains of Tollywood. Ali and Brahmanandam provided few laughs. Suhasini is alright, Ajay is good and Kota is apt. Gayatri's character went overboard in few scenes. Everyone did justice to their respective roles and directors made sure that all of them have a role to play.

On the Technical Front:

Dialogues written by Harish Shankar are an asset. There are tons of one-liners that have immense repeat value. Every dialog of Pawan gets a thumping response. Devi Sri Prasad's songs were super hit prior to the release. Every song has been shot well. Pilla, Dil Se and Gabbar Singh songs stands out. Background score is superb. It elevated the scenes as well as heroism in many scenes. Cinematography is fine. Editing is crisp. Production values are good.

Director Harish Shankar made ample changes to Dabangg script. Few characterizations and screenplay has been changed to suit Telugu audience taste. Harish made good use of Pawan Kalyan's energy and conceived trademark scenes for him. There are few thoroughly enjoyable and immensely funny scenes that work big time. Harish Shankar's racy screenplay will keep the audiences entertained all the time. He took a great responsibility of directing a big star like Pawan with a familiar story and he came up with a winner. Well done Harish!


Dabangg itself is a very ordinary story with all the cliches of an Indian cinema thrown into it. Most of the stars won't dare to remake it, but Pawan Kalyan believed in Harish Shankar and gave the responsibility to him. He came off in flying colors in making an ordinary story into a solid entertainer.

First half of Gabbar Singh is racy. Time will literally fly off during this hour. Second half too opens on an entertaining note and runs at a good pace until Kevvu Keka song. There will be a little speed breaker at that point as sentiment takes the driving seat. Finale scene will be liked by the masses for its heavy action part. Barring few minutes during the pre climax, Gabbar Singh is a full too entertainer.

Fans will watch it multiple times for brand Pawan Kalyan and regular audiences will love the entertainment. Gabbar Singh offers something for every section of audiences and that is its biggest strength. It will be a sure shot hit and we will have to wait for few more days to estimate the range of it.

Verdict:  Gabbar Singh - Power star is back and with a bang!