| | 2012-06-08

Ram, Tamanna, Rishi, Kona Venkat, Sayaji Shinde, Anu Haasan, Brahmanandam, Suman and others

Director - Karunakaran
Producer - Sravanthi Ravi Kisho
Banner - Sri Sravanthi Movies
Music - GV Prakash Kumar

Ram, who has struck gold with his previous outing Kandireega, is now back with a romantic entertainer Endukante Premanta. Tamanna, who is riding high on the success of Racha played a non-masala role in it. Karunakaran too is in pretty good form of late. He tasted back to back hits with Ullasamga Utsahamga and Darling. Did he deliver for the third time in a row? Is Endukante Premanta as promising as it looked prior to the release?

What is it about?

This film is about a love pair that is born again after their love failed in the previous birth. Krishna and Srinidhi (Ram and Tamanna) are reborn as Ram and Sravanthi. Fate gets them closer and the couple helps each other in a situation. But Ram realizes that Sravanthi is in a bigger problem than he could imagine. He is the only person who could bail her out of it. Endunkante Premanta is about a love pair in an extraordinary situation.

Ram suits the role to the T. His suave and stylish looks are impressive. He is one of the few young actors who can shoulder any type of role. His makeover from Kandireega to Endukante Premanta is quite remarkable. Tamanna is adorable in the role of Sravanthi. Despite poorly etched character she does a decent job to make the character work.

Sayaji Shinde excels as hero's father. There are few hilarious scenes on him in the latter half. Watch out for the 'award' scene. Anu Haasan is believable. She is one of the pillars of this film. Sadly, Rishi failed to put up an impressive show in the negative role. Suman is average. Brahmanandam and Krishna Bhagavan provides comic relief. There is nothing much to write about the remaining star cast.

On the Technical Front:

GV Prakash Kumar has given decent music to Karunakaran's previous two films. This time he failed to live up to the expectations. Except for a couple of songs nothing is worthy enough to listen to. Background score is another weak link. Cinematography comes as the only positive point. Graphics are badly done. Editing is not up to the mark. There is so much lag in the film. Dialogues are written by Kona Venkat, who has also done a role in the movie. He is definitely a better writer than actor.

Karunakaran's shoddy work is shocking. This is definitely not him. This could easily be one of his bad films ever. His trademark style is completely missing. The bad script has done him this time. We wish to see better films from the director and Endukante Premanta is the last we could expect from the sensible director.


Endukante Premanta is a soulless love story which fails to strike the rights chords. The concept of the film itself is pretty bad. The plot line is inspired from the film Just Like Heaven. Karunakaran tried to make changes to the script to suit the sensibilities of Telugu audience. However, he has failed miserably in getting the emotions right.

Even the audience who doesn't have a clue about the plotline could guess that Tamanna is not a person but a soul. Such is the screenplay. Every scene has been poorly written and logic goes for a toss.

First half of the film runs at a snail pace and it would be a big test to sit through it. Even the twist fails to shock due to bad screenplay. Second half starts off on a better note, but it has been dragged endlessly and pointlessly. It could have trimmed by at least thirty minutes. Director tried to make it up in the climax scenes, but he has messed it up big time much before that and nothing could save this film from turning out to be a major disappointment.

Verdict:  Endukante Premanta is a total letdown!