Tiger 3 Movie Review


2 Hr 35 mins   |   Action   |   12-11-2023

Cast - Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, Simran and others

Director - Maneesh Sharma

Producer - Aditya Chopra

Banner - Yash Raj Films

Music - Pritam

Salman Khan is also going through flops in his career and needs a hit under his belt. So he has teamed up with Yash Raj Films for the third part of Tiger. The film is directed by Manessh Sharam and also has Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in key roles and has been released today. Let’s review the film here.


Agents Tiger(Salman Khan) and Zoya(Katrina Kaif) are enjoying their simple life in Austria. One fine day, Tiger rescues his co-agent and comes to know that a new threat in the form of Atish Rehman(Emraan Hashmi) is all set to plan a massive terror attack on Pakistan along with his wife Zoya and blame Tiger for this. Who is this Atish Rehman? What is his plan? and how did Tiger save Pakistan from a disaster? Watch the film to learn the answers.


Salman Khan is always good as Tiger and does well in his role. He looks the part and is neat in the action sequences. But one should blame director Maneesh Sharma for not utilizing Salman Khan in a proper manner. The action could have been a lot better. Shah Rukh Khan is seeing a special role and his entry gets things heated up. SRK is amazing in his role and his chemistry with Salman is also good. Katrina Kaif gets a meaty part and is stunning in all the action blocks. Emraan Hashmi plays the main villain and he too is good in his role and in some scenes dominates Salman Khan. Yesteryear’s heroine, Simran is also seen in a key role and is okay.

Technical Aspects

Production values of Tiger are top-notch as the makers have not compromised one big as the scale looks great. But the biggest drawback of the film is the action episodes. Apart from the first fight and the one featuring the Khans, the rest of the thrills are quite ordinary. The film had so many moments to elevate mass scenes but director Manheesh Sharma failed to do it. When compared to the first two parts, Tiger 3 is low on action and thrill. The dialogues are okay and the BGM is also neat. The editing is fine but the climax is lengthy and quite predictable.

What’s Good

Salman-SRK scenes
First half an hour

What’s Bad

Lack of solid action blocks
Predictable story


Yash Raj Films have changed the director for Tiger 3 and it looks like they have made a big mistake in choosing Maneesh Sharma, who is generally known to make soft films for YRF. His work is ordinary and does not live up to the hype created. Tiger is not great or bad but does not excite you as well. The action blocks that you see in the promos are the only ones showcased as Tiger does not do anything great.

Having a star like Salman Khan, Maneesh Sharma did not elevate the mass scenes properly. The film starts on a very interesting note and the twist revealed through Katrina Kaif’s role is also very good. But once that is unleashed, things become slow and boring. Too much time is taken to create a hero-villain confrontation angle and the proceedings are very ordinary. Tiger’s character is known to play an ultimate action hero but in Tiger 3, Salman is subdued and looks pale in many scenes.

Generally, it is India vs Pakistan in Tiger films but here, an Indian agent saves the Pakistani government. This aspect has been thought of well but the execution is below par. The first half of the film is dull and the interval block is also boring. Only when SRK comes in, do things become interesting. The climax is also good but the thrill factor is missing. Tiger does not have any edge-of-the-seat moment and Salman just goes with the flow and does his job.

Though there are a few fan moments, they are just about okay. In a way, Tiger has a few thrills here and there but surely does not live up to the hype created. It happens to be just an okay watch and fans might like it as it is a festive release. But in general, the film is the weakest of all three installments in the Tiger franchise.

Bottom Line – Not worth the hype

Rating: 2/5