Music Shop Murthy Review


2 Hr 7 Mins   |   Drama   |   14-06-2024

Cast - Ajay Ghosh, Chandini Chowdary, Aamani, Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chander and others

Director - Siva Paladugu

Producer - Harsha Garapati, Ranga rao Garapati

Banner - Fly High Cinemas

Music - Pavan

Ajay Ghosh, who is known for his negative roles in Telugu films, has turned the main lead with Music Shop Murthy. Directed by Siva Paladugu, this coming-of-age family drama has Chandini Chowary in an important role. Pavan has composed the music for this film which has been released today. Read our review here.


Murthy(Ajay Ghosh) is a 50-year-old man who runs a music shop in a small town. During one of his programs, the host praises his music-setting skills and suggests Murthy become a DJ. In comes Anjana, a DJ, who comes to Murthy’s shop to get her DJ console repaired. Murthy gets attracted to the console and soon, Anjana starts teaching him the skills to become a DJ. After a serious turnaround of events, Anjana leaves the city and Murthy decides to fulfill his dream against his family’s wish. Did Murthy become successful in life and become a popular DJ? That forms the story.


The makers have got the casting right for the most part. Ajay Ghosh plays this aged man who wants to become a DJ with ease. It is both his comic timing and emotional performance that hold your attention. Ajay Ghosh is loud in all his films, but he has been toned down and performs in a subtle manner. Amani plays Ajay’s wife, and she is decent in her role. The twist given to her character gives her scope to perform. Chandini Chowdary is getting decent roles these days. Though she does not make you believe her being a DJ, she plays a fairly passable role in the film. After a long gap, veteran actor Bhanu Chander is seen in a key role, and he overacts for no reason. One gets a feeling that he is still stuck in the 80s.

Technical Aspects

Pavan has composed the music and one song is good. But his BGM could have been a lot better. The compositions that he has scored for the DJ part are dull. A far more thumping beats would have made a world of difference into the narrative. The story is routine, but the concept of an old man becoming a DJ looks okay. The dialogues are impressive and the emotional scenes have been elevated well in the narrative. The camera work is neat, but the production design could have been a lot better. The production values and camerawork is impressive.

Thumbs Up

Ajay Ghosh performance
A few emotions

Thumbs Down

Formulaic narration
Forced emotions in the climax


Music Shop Murthy is a film that tells us despite being older, one should continue to chase their dreams. Such topics have been covered in Hindi cinema many times. But the difference here in Music Shop Murthy is the backdrop of an elderly man wanting to become a DJ. So, the scenes designed, the way Ajay Ghosh learns to become a DJ, and how the world around laughs at him is showcased in a very organic manner.

Director Siva Paladugu does not waste time and narrates the first half with decent fun and emotional moments. The friendship of a young girl with an elderly man is also showcased as a conflict point. But luckily, it does not become preachy. Having said all this, where does Music Shop Murthy falter? It is the second half, which has some boring moments. The manner in which Ajay Ghosh comes to Hyderabad and struggles to become a DJ does not create much of an impact. More drama should have been created to showcase the pain that Murthy goes through.

The success of Murthy to become a DJ is way too quick and cinematic. But director Siva Paladugu manages to induce a few moments of fun and high points in the second half, which are relatable. Yet another major drawback of the film is the climax part. After being successful in life, the plot changes all of a sudden, and tragedy strikes. This episode was not needed at all. Even though the makers felt it would be a thumping and emotional ending to the film, it is rushed a bit.

One aspect that is appreciable in the film is the sincere approach of the director, Siva. He narrated the film without any over-melodramatic moments and kept the emotions in check. There are a few inspiring moments, and all those who like family dramas can give this film a shot, but be ready for the predictable factor looming over the film till the end.

Bottom Line – Old Music Shop

Rating: 2.25/5