Venkatadri Express

| | 2013-11-29

Sundeep Kishan, Rakul Preeth Singh, Ramesh, Saptagiri and others

Director - Merlapaka Gandhi
Producer - Gemini Kiran
Banner - Anandi Arts Creations
Music - Ramana Gogula

Sundeep Kishan's latest film Venkatadri Express, which created some buzz with pre release trailers, has arrived in theaters now. Is the film promising enough?

What is it about?

Sandeep (Sandeep) cannot sit and watch when others are in problems. But his father (Nagineedu) is a strict man, who doesn't want his son to get involved in everybody's headaches. At a point Sandeep's father gets vexed with his son and says that if he commits one more mistake he will be thrown out of the family. But Sandeep can't help himself from getting involved in others problems. Their family boards Venkatadri Express train to reach Tirupathi for Sandeep's brother's marriage. But Sandeep misses the train. Now he will have to catch it before his father realizes that he has done another mistake.


Sundeep Kishan's casual acting is good. He suited the character to the T and the director made sure that heroism doesn’t go overboard. Rakul Preeth Singh is a pretty face. She is okay as an actress. Nagineedu is being typecast in these roles. Saptagiri once again excelled with his comic timing. Tagubothu Ramesh steals the show. Brahmaji is competent and all others chipped in when needed.


Debutant director Merlapaka Gandhi has written a good script and has handled it well. There are few hiccups in the middle, but on a whole it is decent job from the first timer. Director also penned the dialogues and there are some rib tickling as well as thought provoking lines. Music by Ramana Gogula is alright. Camera work is good. Chota K Naidu who usually works for high budget films turned out to be an asset for this low budget film. Editing could have been better, especially in the second hour.


Most of the directors fumble in handling a road film. Director Gandhi clearly knew what he was dealing and made sure that the film doesn't go off track. Whenever the proceedings seemed monotonous he has cleverly banked upon comedy and this tactic has worked in favor of Venkatadri Express.

At a point even comedy didn't help much as the director tried to drag the movie unnecessarily. He should have kept it simple rather going for an elaborate two and a half hours film. Had this been a two hour film, Venkatadri Express might have been thoroughly entertaining without any hassles.
Climax is good but that is dragged too. Director's over dependence on comedy handicapped the movie to some extent. Barring these negatives, this movie is an entertaining ride. Train journeys are often boring and those unwanted stops due to 'crossings' wouldn't be exciting. Watching Venkatadri Express too has some of those boring moments, but on a whole it will entertain and keep you engaged most of the time.

Verdict: A joyful ride