Super Over Movie Review


83 Min   |   Thriller   |   22-01-22

Cast - Naveen Chandra, Rakendu Mouli, Chandini Chowdary, Ajay, Praveen and others

Director - Praveen Varma

Producer - Sudheer Varma

Banner - SAS Pictures

Music - Sunny MR

Super Over is directed by Late Praveen Varma who died in a road accident before the film was complete. Producer Sudheer Varma took care of the post production and made sure his protégé’s debut film reaches the audience. Like his Guru Sudheer, director Praveen Varma also chose an interesting theme for his debut film.

Super Over deals with the bookies and cricket betting, the most popular yet not explored themes in Tollywood. Kasi (Naveen), Vasu (Mouli) and Madhu (Chandini) are three friends that are thrown into a situation where they need to make a quick buck. Kasi decides to take a swing at cricket betting and he becomes a pro at it. Within no time Kasi wins a massive bet and then starts trouble.

Kasi wins Rs 1.7 Cr in cricket betting but he cannot get that money so easily. There are many people who are after his ‘hard earned’ money and these three friends should overcome all the obstacles to get what they earned. Super Over wastes no time in getting to the plot. We don’t get much information about the leads but we get enough details about who they are and what they want in the intro scene itself.

The scenes that deal with the cricket betting process draws us into the story, but the film quickly slips into ‘on the run’ mode. It would have been so good if the director explored the unexplored details of cricket betting and the lives of bookies. The Super Over plot has so much potential but the director deliberately keeps it simple and takes us in the familiar route.

It is exciting until Ajay takes money away from the three friends and from then on everything happens as per the whims of the director. The back and forth technique used to tell the story is an interesting touch, but there’s not enough detailing in those past stories. Even Ajay never looks menacing or threatening enough to make us worry about the leads.

The money changes hands without much drama and thrill and even the climactic portion is a dampener. We expect the film to have a better ending given the theme. Performances of all the principal casting is very good and natural. Sunny’s background score and Divakar’s camera work are the film’s biggest assets. Director Praveen shows sparks of brilliance here and there.

The film is hard to execute but the able technical team made it look easier. The film has bigger potential and the makers should have realized it rather than restricting it to an OTT film. Despite its shortcomings and weaknesses, Super Over is still a fairly watchable fare for its unique setup and interesting episodes in the first half. The run time is just over eighty minutes and we feel a runtime of two hours would have given the script ample scope to stand up to its potential.

Bottom Line: Ordinary Yaar!

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