| | 2016-05-05

Sai Dharam Tej, Rashi Khanna, Ravi Kishan, Kabeer and Others

Director - Anil Ravipudi
Producer - Shirish
Banner - Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music - Sai Karthik

Anil Ravipudi's Patas was a surprise hit. The young director has delivered a very good entertainer that has given a break for Kalyan Ram who was struggling at that time. Ravipudi has once again banked upon commercial elements in his second film. Supreme is not supreme in any department, but the director made sure to have entertainment throughout the movie.

What is it about?

Balu (Tej) is a cab driver who falls in love with sub inspector Bellam Sridevi (Rashi Khanna). Balu comes across an orphan Anglo Indian kid Rajan (Mikhail) who lives on a footpath. Balu takes the boy along with him. This boy has an untold secret and his life is in danger. Vikram (Kabir) is after the kid and Balu have to save the boy from his men and help the boy achieve his goal.


Sai Dharam Tej is a live wire. He is extremely energetic and has good comedy timing. His dances and fights will appeal to the masses. However he has to work on his expressions in emotional scenes. Rashi Khanna played the role of an entertaining cop. She is good within her limitations. She also added zing to the songs with her glamour.

Ravi Kishan too gets an entertaining character. He is competent. Kabir has nothing much to do except for looking stylish all the time. Sai Kumar and Rajendra Prasad did important characters. The real show stealer is the little kid Mikhail who is adorable. Vennela Kishore, Prudhvi, Posani, Srinivas Reddy and Prabhas Srinu did their bit in providing the comic relief.


Anil Ravipudi's story is as old as hills. Even his screenplay is neither exciting nor thrilling. It moves on a predictable note, but the director is attentive enough to add comedy to the proceedings. The movie could have been a total downer if the director didn't introduce comedy characters at the right intervals. The director's work is not as convincing as his first film though. Second half lacked the zing.

Remix song is good. It is shot well too. Bellam Sridevi too will woo the masses. Sai Karthik's background music is good in parts. Editing is alright. Action episodes are impressive, especially the chase sequence. Cinematography is one of the major attractions. Sai Sriram did a commendable job in presenting the film in a trendy way. The chase sequence has Hollywood vibe to it. Production values are very good.

Thumbs Up:

Sai Dharam Tej


Thumbs Down:

Routine Script


Below Average second half


Supreme is an out and out commercial entertainer that banks heavily upon comedy. There is action, romance, sentiment and everything that we expect out of a commercial film. However except for comedy in parts and few action scenes there is nothing that really impresses the viewers.
The plot is too thin and very predictable. Despite the routine scenes, first half of the film is passable with some comedy episodes delivering the laughs. The scenes related to Bellam Sridevi's family have come out well. Also the valet thieves episode clicks at times. Interval is alright with an expected twist.

The real trouble starts in the second half as there isn't any conflict in the story. Everything runs on a predictable note without any twists and turns making it a boring affair. Climax should have been handled better. Fight composed on the handicapped persons is a good commercial thought. All in all Supreme has its moments but lacks the punch that is very much needed for a commercial film. It is an okay watch if you go with little or no expectations. To cut the long story short it is an average offering from the Patas director.

Verdict: Supreme is mildly entertaining.