Andhhagadu Movie Review

| | 2017-06-02

Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel, Rajendra Prasad, Raja Ravindra and Others

Director - Veligonda Srinivas
Producer - Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Banner - AK Entertainments
Music - Sekhar Chandra

Raj Tarun who has been maintaining good success rate at the box office is back again with Andhhagadu. He plays the role of a blind protagonist with a mission to accomplish. Although Raj Tarun did his part well, writer turned director Veligonda Srinivas couldn't pull it off.

What is it about?

Gautam (Raj Tarun) is a blind radio jockey who is waiting for the perfect girl. As every girl rejects him because of his disability, Gautam hides it from Netra (Hebah Patel) and impresses her. Eventually she finds out that he has lied and breaks up with him. But she makes sure that Gautam gets sight, but problems arise in his life from that point. The spirit of his eye donor Kulakarni (Rajendra Prasad) starts following Gautam. Now to get rid of Kulakarni's spirit, Gautam has to commit two murders.


Raj Tarun is as good as always in Andhhagadu. His performance in the blind part is particularly impressive. His chemistry with Hebah Patel is one of the plus points. Hebah did her part convincingly. Rajendra Prasad is good in the ghost character. Raja Ravindra's character is half baked. Satya's comedy punches worked in parts. Sayaji Shinde is fine and Ashish Vidyardhi character is funny.  


Veligonda Srinivas wrote a commercial script for his debut film as director. He made sure to have decent twists and good humor, but failed in executing it to perfection. His lack of experience shows in many instances which ultimately affected the final output. He should work on his direction skills before making his next attempt.

Music is mediocre and cinematography is pretty ordinary. Dialogues are witty in parts. Production values are strictly okay. Editing could have been better in the second half.

Thumbs Up:                                                                       

Raj Tarun



Thumbs Down:

Second Half




Andhhagadu keeps switching genres right from the start to till the end. It starts off as a breezy comedy and turns into a romantic story. Later supernatural elements are thrown into the narrative and it turns out to be a thriller. Then the family setup is highlighted and finally it ends up as a revenge tale.

Director Srinivas seems to have inspired from Bollywood film 'Race' in which twists and turns happen at regular intervals. He did a fine job in holding the interest of viewers with the twists, but couldn't write an engaging screenplay in between. Andhhagadu takes so much time to get to the point.

Most of the first half is dedicated to the romance track that defies logic. An eye surgeon falling for a blind man is beyond everything. Even the scenes between the lead pair are poorly conceived. Things start to get interesting with the introduction of Rajendra Prasad. Interval episode has come out very well that holds the attention of viewers.

However, director couldn't sustain it for too long as second half gets clumsy with silly scenes between Raj Tarun and Rajendra Prasad. Villain track is also poorly written that it doesn't bring anything to the table. Apparently, director relied too much upon the final twist which truly comes as a shock to the viewers. Back story behind the twist isn't convincing enough though. It is hard to believe that the protagonist has come up with a detailed plan within short span of time to have his revenge.

Andhhagadu isn't a bad film. It has its moments, but falters due to bad screenplay and weak direction. It may appeal to B and C center audience because of its loudness and crass humor. Others may find it partly entertaining mostly because of its leading man. Keep your expectations in check if you are planning to watch Andhhagadu this weekend.

Verdict: Blind Man's Mind games.