Fashion Designer Movie Review

| Comedy | 2017-06-03

Sumanth Ashwin, Anisha Ambrose, Manali Rathod, Manasa, Krishnudu and Others

Director - Vamsy
Producer - Madhura Sreedhar Reddy
Banner - Madhura Entertainment
Music - Mani Sharma

It has been very long since veteran filmmaker Vamsy wielded a megaphone. After planning a sequel to Ladies Tailor with Raviteja, Raj Tarun and others, he finally roped in Sumanth Ashwin for the job. It is not an easy affair to fill in the huge shoes of Rajendra Prasad. Understandably Sumanth failed in doing so.

What is it about?

A small fashion designer Gopalam (Sumanth) wants to open a shop in the nearby town, but he needs money for it. Gopalam hopelessly reaches out to an astrologer and he says that Gopalam has a Manmadha Rekha with which he can seduce any woman. Gopalam wants to use his special powers to win the heart of the richest girl in his village. In the process three rich girls (Anisha, Manasa) fall for Gopalam's charm. Someone takes photos of Gopalam while he is with them. He needs to solve the problem before it gets out of hands.


Sumanth Ashwin is a decent actor who can emote well. However, his skill set is limited to playing certain characters. Sumanth struggled to be that boy next door from a remote village. He couldn't even get the dialect right. Anisha Ambrose is the pick of the heroines. Not that she is a good performer, but the other two are not so impressive with their looks and acts as well. Krishnudu played an important role. Krishna Bhagavan is the other known face.


Vamsy has a typical way of dealing with rural comedies. The film bears his stamp all over it, but the magic that is associated with the veteran has gone missing. He could bring back few memories of Ladies Tailor back with the ambience and characters, but couldn't weave a proper story around it. His trademark style of picturization in songs like Paapi kondallo, Meghale will impress his fans.

Mani Sharma's music is an asset. A couple of songs are instantly likeable. Background score also is pretty good. Cinematography is beautiful. Scenic beauty of Paapi kondalu is captured superbly by Nagesh Banell. Dialogues are just okay. Proper care should have taken by the editor as the film looks disjointed at times. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:


Thumbs Down:

Dated style of presentation

One thing is pretty evident that Vamsy is out of form. Making a sequel to Ladies Tailor is a nice idea. In fact it is the right time for anybody to come up with a sequel to Rajendra Prasad's cult classic. Fans were elated to know that Vamsy himself was doing the honors, but the veteran has let them down big time.

Apart from the idea of making a sequel, Vamsy apparently didn't have a script on his hands. The script of Fashion Designer is half baked without any proper emotions. First half of the film is passable as it mainly focuses on the encounters of the leading man with three ladies. Shortcomings of the script came to forefront in the second half where Vamsy was left without a clue.

A forced murder scene was created to conclude the messy story. Second half is filled with lot of stupid humor and silly dialogue due to the lack of content. Only saving grace in the film is Mani Sharma's music and Banell's camera work. A couple of songs were well shot in typical Vamsy style.

Grave errors like poor script and miscasting didn't let Fashion Designer to make a positive impression on its viewers. Even diehard fans of Vamsy will be left disappointed with this one. Although it is better than recent duds from the master filmmaker, it is nowhere close to his cinematic gems from the eighties.

Verdict: Outdated!