Movie Review: Patel SIR

2:17 | Action - Thrile | 2017-07-15

Jagapathi Babu, Padma Priya, Tanya Hope, Subbaraju and others

Director - Vasu Parimi
Producer - Rajini Korrapati
Banner - Varahi Chalanachitram
Music - Vasanth

Jagapathi Babu is back in a lead role after a very long time. It is not a conventional lead role though. Jagapathi plays sixty year old retired major in this mass masala film directed by debutante Vasu Parimi.

What is it about?

Patel S.I.R (Jagapathi Babu) avenges the death of this son's (Jagapathi Babu) family by going on a killing spree. He vows to kill everyone that was the reason for the death of his son's family before his blinded granddaughter gets her vision back. Why did the villains kill Patel's son in the first place? How a sixty year old Patel does have his revenge?


Jagapathi Babu's macho look is one of the major attractions of the movie. His hairdo, styling and attitude as Patel S.I.R are superb and make it one of the best characters of Jaggu Bhai in his career. Padma Priya is good as Jagapathi Babu's wife. Aamani played a brief role. Subba Raju tries his hand at comedy again. Tanya Hope sizzles in the role of a corrupt cop. Kabir is unimpressive. Posani's comedy fails to tickle.


Vasu Parimi chose a very ordinary revenge plot for his debut. The idea of presenting Jagapathi Babu as a tough old man is exciting. However he couldn't weave a convincing story around the idea. Clumsy editing and amateurish shot making leaves Patel Sir in a big mess.

Vasanth's songs are not catchy. Background score is loud. Shyam K. Naidu surprises with a substandard output. Editing is not good. Dialogues are pretty bad. Production values are just decent.

Thumbs Up:

Jagapathi Babu

Post interval scenes

Thumbs Down:

Bad screenplay

Poor direction

Terrible first half


Jagapathi Babu in an eye-catching getup lured audiences to the theaters as Patel S.I.R. Three cheers to the person who has done the styling for him. However, care should have been taken about the other character played by Jagapathi himself. It appears like they have deliberately made the young Jagapathi look ordinary when compared to his old self.

Apart from Jagapathi Babu's looks, another thing that is striking about the film is its post interval episodes that have come out really well. This part almost makes up for the terrible first half before getting spoiled by a cliched-ridden climax. First half of the film totally focuses on the revenge part where Patel goes on a killing spree.

The episodes of Patel seeking revenge are terribly executed. First half of the film is a huge mess that you will never want to go back to your seat after the interval. However, the debutante director redeemed himself by handling the emotional part in a commendable manner. This doesn't stay long though as the film is headed towards the climax.

There are more negatives about Patel S.I.R than the positives. It is surprising to see such a lame movie from Vaarahi banner that has produced some memorable movies in recent times. Except for Jagapathi's terrific makeover there is nothing impressive about the film. Bad writing, amateurish direction and some poor performances make it a painful film to watch. Patel should draw decent openings but might not stay for long with such a spineless script. Watch it at your own risk.

Verdict: Wasted Effort.