Movie Review: Rangula Ratnam

| | 2018-01-14

Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla, Sitara, Priyadarshi and others

Director - Shriranjani
Producer - Nagarjuna Akkineni
Banner - Annapurna Studios
Music - Sri Charan

It has been a very ordinary Sankranthi so far as there isn't one real blockbuster film to quench the thirst of film fans. Telugu cinema lovers hoped that Rangula Ratnam will fill that void but it also turned out to be a dull film with overdose of sentiment and melodrama.

What is it about?

Vishnu (Raj Tarun) falls in love with Keerthy (Chitra) who goes by the book. She is an extremely disciplined girl who never breaks the rules. Before she reciprocates to Vishnu's love a huge tragedy strikes him. Vishnu recovers from it as Keerthy accepts his love. However, Keerthy's over protective and caring nature starts bothering him. He breaks up with her as he cannot enjoy little things in her presence. How does the couple work out their differences forms rest of the story.


Raj Tarun is a complete actor who can be extremely casual in entertaining scenes and can make a strong impact in emotional scenes. There is one scene in Rangula Ratnam where he excels as an actor. He is definitely one of the plus points of the film. Chitra Shukla is expressive but looks a bit matured for her age. There is not much chemistry between the lead actors too. Sitara is impressive in a brief yet pivotal role. Priyadarshi tried to repeat his Pelli Chupulu feat but the writing here is pretty ordinary.


Shriranjani gives that feminine touch to the love story through mother-son angle and the over protective nature of the female lead. The sensibilities and sentiments are one of the most striking elements about Rangula Ratnam. Director has the talent to narrate a regular story in an interesting manner but she has faltered as the screenplay writer.

Sri Charan's music is not so effective except for a couple of melodies. Background score is unimpressive too. There's nothing to write about the cinematography and production design. Production values are surprisingly mediocre for a film bankrolled by Annapurna Studios. The quality of the film is very poor that it looked like a short film at times.

Thumbs Up:

Raj Tarun

Sequences leading to pre climax and climax

Thumbs Down:

Incoherent screenplay

Sentiment overdose

Slow pace


Rangula Ratnam has been packaged and marketed as a colorful and vibrant love story. But what the film offers is exactly the opposite of what it has promised. The film is about the conflicting romance between two distinct personalities. Hero is a cheerful guy who doesn't care much about the rules. Heroine is the girl who doesn't break the rules at any cost. It is an exciting idea and has the makings of an impressive romance, but Shriranjani opts to deal it in a melodramatic way.

The film starts off like a regular romantic comedy, but turns melodramatic all of a sudden when tragedy strikes the protagonist. His mother's death comes as a shocker but couldn't make much impact as it doesn't have significant role to play in the events that follow. Also similar kind of interval block was recently seen in Raghuvaran B.Tech. The screenplay goes off track due to these episodes that the director took so much time to put things back on track. A lot of time is wasted on sentiment scenes in the second half.

Rangula Ratnam seems clueless until Keerthy starts showing her over caring nature towards Vishnu. More than ninety minutes are wasted on the buildup to this conflict. There are many better ways to deal with such plot, but somehow the director inclined towards the emotional one. The best part of the movie is the sequences leading to the pre climax and climax. If not for those episodes, Rangula Ratnam would have ended up as a complete dud.
It might have seemed better with a good soundtrack. There is a lot of scope for the music director to take control, but Sri Charan couldn't utilize it. Bad music made the slow paced film even tough to enjoy. Raj Tarun's flawless performance and impressive final moments are the biggest assets of Rangula Ratnam. It may appeal to female audience and for those who like tear jerking dramas. On a whole, it is yet another unexciting film for this Pongal.

Verdict: Colourless!