Review: Hello Guru Prema Kosame

| Love | 2018-10-18

Ram, Anupama, Prakash Raj, Pranitha and others

Director - Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Producer - Dil Raju
Banner - Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music - Devi Sri Prasad

Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina has been rehashing 'mama-alludu' theme in all of his movies. Cinema Chupistha Mama and Nenu Local turned out to be crowd pleasing entertainers. He has followed the same template with another twist for Hello Guru Prema Kosame.

What is it about?

Sanju (Ram) teases his co-passenger Anupama (Anupama) in a train. But he comes to her house as a guest. Anupama's father Viswanath (Prakash Raj) shares a good bond with Sanju. Meanwhile, Sanju falls in love with Anupama. When Anupama's marriage is fixed with some otherguy, Sanju confesses his love to Viswanath and pleads him to give it a chance.


Ram is very good as a casual youth. He has done similar roles before which made it a cakewalk for him. Anupama looks cute, but there is not much for her to do. Prakash Raj is aptly cast in a key role. He brings life to the character. Pranitha does a brief role as Ram's crush. Rest of the star cast did well within their limitations.


Director Trinadha Rao has a habit of picking simple storylines and lacing it with fun and enjoyable scenes. He repeats the same here and succeeds until a point. However, second half loses steam because of predictability and repetitive screenplay.

Prasanna Kumar does a fine job as a dialogue writer. There are some hilarious scenes in the first half. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is a disappointment. None of the songs are catchy. Even the background score is lackluster. Cinematography and editing are okay. Production values are very average.

Thumbs Up:


Comedy scenes

Thumbs Down:

Dull second half

Poor music

Routine script


Hello Guru Prema Kosame takes a while to get going. Initial scenes set in Kakinada aren't impressive. However, the film turns enjoyable with Ram stepping into the software office. His first day at office followed by coffee shop scene is very funny. The best scene of the film comes right away where Ram and Praneetha go to each other's houses. But the fun keeps waning as the story moves forward.

Intermission scene comes in a hurried fashion, but raises enough curiosity on the proceedings in second half. A conflict is established between Ram and Prakash Raj to keep the story moving. It seems alright at the beginning but soon gets tedious as the director keeps repeating same scenes over and over. Bad music worsens the prospects and the writer didn't make an effort to write any comedy scenes.

HGPK loses steam after a passable first half and heavily banks upon the chemistry between Ram and Prakash Raj in the second half. Climax is very predictable and emotions didn't work out as expected. The actors did their best to keep it alive but the lackluster script lets them down. On the whole, Hello Guru turns out to be an average film that offers some fun moments. Dil Raju should stop depending too much on formulaic films and look to offer novelty.

Verdict: Comedy Kosam!